Artist Margo Allman Shares Her Work with Gawthrop Greenwood


Artist Margo Allman presents her painting “Ovoidal Alchemy” to Gawthrop Greenwood’s offices in Greenville, Delaware

Artist Margo Allman is showcasing her work at Gawthrop Greenwood’s offices in Greenville, Delaware.

The artist presented her painting “Ovoidal Alchemy” to Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys Mary Ann Plankinton and Kristen Bennett.

Allman is a well known artist from the region and has been exhibiting for more than 50 years. She began as a print maker, then turned to painting and sculpture. Allman has explored layering three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface and is known for creating abstract forms based on nature. Her works are in the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Delaware Art Museum.

“Mary Ann Plankinton and Kristen Bennett were both sensitive and responsive to my emotions and needs while responsible for my husband’s estate administration,” says Allman. “I just wanted to thank them in the best way I know how through my art. I understand Gawthrop Greenwood has a wonderful reputation with the arts community.”