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Delaware Today Names Gawthrop the “Face of Estate Planning, Family Law & Litigation”

Ann Frazier, Kristen Bennett, Mary Ann Plankinton and Carl Heckert in Delaware Today MagazineDelaware Today has named Gawthrop Greenwood to its esteemed “Faces of Delaware 2024” listing for Gawthrop’s services in estate planning, family law and litigation at its Greater Wilmington office in Greenville.

Delaware Today describes “Faces of Delaware 2024” as a “standout class of businesses and individuals who make the First State Shine.” Gawthrop Greenwood attorneys P. Kristen Bennett, Ann L. Martino Frazier, Carl W. Heckert and Mary Ann Plankinton are pictured with the following description in Delaware Today:

“When a Delaware license plate sold for $410,000 at auction, the sale was so astounding that it made national news. What did not make headlines was the law firm that quietly managed the estate where the license plate originated and arranged for its fate. Gawthrop Greenwood was that trusted law firm. Gawthrop Greenwood was also among the very first to earn a Family Law Mediation Certification when Delaware began issuing them. “We’re known for our compassion and commitment to our clients, but our knowledge base is also unparalleled,” says attorney Mary Ann Plankinton, who leads the Greenville office. “This is our community, and we view ourselves as true legal advocates who are here to protect our clients, their families and their legacies.”

3711 Kennett Pike, Suite 100,
Wilmington, DE 19807

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Gawthrop Greenwood, PC has offices in West Chester, PA and Wilmington, DE serving clients throughout the greater mid-Atlantic region and nation. For more than a century, the firm has stood behind its core principle of providing high-quality legal services with personal attention. Gawthrop Greenwood’s diverse portfolio of clients comprises entrepreneurs, businesses, and governmental entities that entrust the firm with their representation in a wide range of matters including mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation, estate and tax planning, land use and development, and domestic relations. A complete listing of the firm’s practice areas and attorneys, as well as a variety of legal resources, can be found at

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