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You’re new to the cannabis industry, but your lawyer shouldn’t be. As one of the few Pennsylvania attorneys in private practice with a wide breadth of experience supporting the legal needs of medical marijuana operators, Gawthrop Greenwood partner Stephen J. Olsen, John Rafferty and their team have been serving the cannabis industry in Pennsylvania from the ground up. What began as compliance support for medical marijuana growers in operation after Pennsylvania issued 25 permits across the Commonwealth, has now grown to due diligence services for potential investors, as well as support for employment law, workplace issues and family guardian disputes.

Now Gawthrop Greenwood’s inside-the industry experience serves investors, permit holders, growers, operators, executives and other industry members for issues including:

  • Compliance
  • Contracts
  • Litigation
  • Department of Health Complaints
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Agency Interaction

Recently the Gawthrop Greenwood team shared its distinctive insights before the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges, noting that the firm is seeing legal changes on a daily basis surrounding Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act and its major issues including:

  • Development of current medical marijuana law and regulations in Pennsylvania, and the risks they present in conflict with Federal Law
  • Requirements and regulations governing medical marijuana growers and dispensaries
  • Anticipated growth of the cannabis industry in Pennsylvania
  • Medical marijuana issues that may result in litigation for growers, investors, employers and families
  • The complexity of compliance requirements
  • Due diligence on investing in the industry
  • Navigating Department of Health hearings
  • Employment issues, including employees testing positive for marijuana at work
  • Transactional issues
  • Municipal issues that arise when handling business, real estate and zoning for medical marijuana growers and dispensaries
  • Educational institutions conducting clinical research

Pennsylvania is one of 33 states and the District of Columbia that has legalized marijuana for medical use, while marijuana continues to be illegal under Federal Law.

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