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Every phase of a business’s existence is important, but often the choices made at inception and early in growth can impact the trajectory of that company. Having documents that clearly define rights between founders, key employees, and other entities is imperative to successful growth. As is collaborative but aggressive advocacy for the benefit of your company with your partners and funders. This is what Gawthrop does.

For over a century, Gawthrop Greenwood has counseled innovative and new businesses across industries. We assist our clients in the formation and start-up phase, navigating the legal and business challenges a new and growing business can face. In providing these services, our lawyers assist in:

  • Achieving strategic vision, operating plans and projections
  • Securing appropriate funding
  • Finding, incentivizing and retaining the right management team
  • Creating and protecting all the client’s assets, including intellectual property and brand
  • Determining and implementing appropriate exit strategies

Often this includes counseling founders and entrepreneurs on how to position themselves and their entities for the greatest asset protection and tax benefit achievable in any sale, merger, venture funding, or the continued success of their companies.

In addition to traditional manufacturing, retail and service companies, our business lawyers have extensive background with new and emerging growth companies. Our attorneys have worked with many clients in the following industries:

  • Life sciences, including biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical
  • Software, medical information, technology and communications
  • Transportation and energy, including significant knowledge regarding emerging transportation, logistics and clean tech companies
  • Craft brewing, distilling and wine-making industries, including suppliers and producers
  • Legalized and medical marijuana

Since its inception, Gawthrop Greenwood has represented various entities that provide traditional sources of funding for emerging businesses, including private equity groups and dozens of banks’ lending groups. In addition, Gawthrop has also represented various seed funding, angel investors, venture funds, and strategic buyers looking to invest in new and growing companies in the above markets. We have helped our clients partner with these funding sources, assisted in crowd funding, providing guidance working with incubators, seeking grants and tax credits, and various other non-traditional methods of raising capital and covering expenses.

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