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Our lawyers assist clients with sophisticated financial matters in real estate, asset-based and maritime transactions. We also have extensive experience negotiating, structuring and documenting financial transactions.

We represent financial institutions, governments, public and private companies, entrepreneurs, venture capital funds and angel investors, developers, hospitals and shipping firms.

We advise lenders and borrowers in a wide array of financial transactions, including:

Asset-based loans

  • Loans secured by collateral, including tangible assets, accounts receivable, financial instruments, or intellectual property

Real estate-based loans

  • Loans secured by a mortgage on real estate and assignment of leases

Construction and permanent financing

  • Loans used to finance construction of improvements to real estate and long-term financing upon completion of construction

Maritime transactions, including lease financing and chartering

  • Loans secured by a mortgage on a vessel or fleet of vessels
  • Lease finance transactions through charters

Private placement note purchases

  • Loans to emerging growth companies, secured by assets or convertible into equity


  • Loans funded by multiple lenders with each bank receiving a portion of the risks and profits

Refinancing and amendment of facilities

  • Loans used to finance existing debt on different terms

Loan workouts and restructuring

  • Modifying terms of existing debt to attempt to avoid foreclosure

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