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Gordon W. Prince

Coronavirus and Business Contracts: What’s the Law?

By Gordon W. Prince, Esq. With the unprecedented disruption to business caused by coronavirus, business leaders from the C-suite to the mom-and-pop shop are wondering: How will this affect my business contracts? Of particular concern: the force majeure clause, which…

John E. D. Larkin

Are Salaried Employees Entitled to Overtime?

By Jack Larkin – As a very general rule, blue-collar employees are paid on an hourly basis, and white-collar employees are salaried. As a result, many salaried employees generalize that they are not entitled to overtime pay—if they’re salaried, they must be exempt,…

Real Estate Scam Alert: Business E-mail Compromise

By Lauren Dentone & Gordon Prince — A recent internet scam is making home-buying even more stressful for unsuspecting purchasers. In today's technologically driven world, much of the communication regarding the transfer of real estate takes place via electronic communication.…

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