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Juvenile Law A-Z with Kelly Jurs

Kelly A. Jurs

The law and the courts treat minors far differently than they treat adults. Do you know how to navigate juvenile court and ensure a juvenile’s unique rights are being upheld? Gawthrop Greenwood criminal defense attorney Kelly Jurs reviewed the juvenile court system and process during a national, live seminar on January 25, 2023 titled, “Juvenile Law A-Z ,” presented by the National Business Institute.

Among the topics covered were juvenile delinquency cases, confidentiality and expungement of juvenile records, status offenses, hearings, mental health and minors accused of crimes, special needs minors accuse of crimes, truancy, curfew violations, underage drinking and DUI, shoplifting and theft, vandalism, trespassing, assault and battery, sex crimes and more.

Jurs is a dedicated legal advocate known for her ability to provide compassionate representation for clients experiencing upheaval in their lives. Whether a client is facing conflict within their own family, or even a criminal charge, Kelly ensures that her experience in the courtroom guides clients through the court system to the most beneficial outcomes.

Jurs is qualified in Pennsylvania to serve as defense counsel on capital cases. She represents counsel in felony and misdemeanor cases, from the filing of a criminal complaint through trial and post-trial review, on issues ranging from DUI, Possession, Theft, Assault and Drug Trafficking to First-Degree Homicide. Kelly also handles plea negotiations, treatment court resolutions, probation and parole violations as well as juvenile court.

Before entering private practice, Kelly made sure every voice was heard as an attorney at the Chester County Public Defender’s Office. She handled all aspects of felony and misdemeanor cases from the preliminary hearing to trial and through all stages of state appellate review. She also served as first chair for numerous jury trials, including first-degree homicide and more than 15 other felony trials.

For more information on Kelly’s law practice, e-mail or call 610-696-8225. 

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